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JOKE & BAT GARGAMON one-offs from Dastar!

Into custom painted figures!?! Well, our friend Niall Anderson aka Shingangu sent info over about some rad ShinGangu Gargamon figures painted by Dastar that he’s releasing via lottery this week. JOKE Gargamon will be available May 16th (today) until May 18th, BAT Gargamon will be up for grabs on May 20th to May 22nd. Both have been cast in a clear Japanese vinyl with internal and external paint applications. BAT Gargamon comes with an additional cloak accessory.

Each figure stands 7.5" tall and will retail for $370 + $30 Worldwide Shipping. If interested in purchasing, these will be sold via lottery and to enter, please send email to dastarart@gmail.com and title it either “JOKE GARGAMON 1-OFF” -or- “BAT GARGAMON 1-OFF” in the header of the email... then include the following: Full Name, Full Address, Phone number, PayPal email for invoicing, and your Instagram Name. ONLY Winner will receive email notification by May 23, 2022 - good luck!

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