Daniel Yu announces awesome new releases for Online AND Taipei Toy Festival!

Artist Daniel Yu has a whole lotta figures that will be available this Thursday (May 26th) both online AND at Taipei Toy Festival. Hold on to your seats! Making his debut is a brand new character, Bomsai! Produced in vinyl, he'll come in both hand painted and marbled editions.

There'll also be all new versions of the Lunar Creep XL, Lunar Beast & Lunar Cleric, Mumbles (hand painted & marbled) and Micro Fu Manchu & Jiangshi! Plus, he'll also have a couple of collaborations, Tiny Alien series (w/Robin Tang) and the Lunar Cat (w/Mark Nagata)!

This kicks off HERE at 8am PST at the above date and time! For peeps attending Taipei Toy Festival, here's all the deets... Thursday through Sunday (26th-29th May) Booth A45 - Added bonus, get to say hi to fufufanny who'll be managing the booth!

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