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Caramelaw × Han Ning - "Candy Puppie-nauts" custom on-off revealed!

The Candy Puppie-nauts are ready to meet the world! Created by artist Han Ning and cutely customized by Sheena Aw aka Caramelaw, the Candy Puppie-nauts are the 24th artist custom in this on going series... and it's adorable! "The Candy Puppie-nauts are a unique species of alien puppies. They are known for their special rainbow ring, which orbits around their head. It is believed that this rainbow ring is an essential part of their survival as it produces air and nourishment for each Puppie-naut. They will never have to remove their helmets for the rest of their life, and is completely self-sustained within their little helmets. Their sole purpose in their cosmic life, is to bring candies and sweets to all alien life form. to provide a little comfort. 'Spread the love, spread the sweetness.' is their motto, because we all need a little kindness in this scary universe we call home." Standing 6.7" tall and made from vinyl and mixed media, this edition is limited to just 1 piece and is up for grabs for $335. If interested in purchasing this for your collection, contact Han Ning (@hn0564) for more details.

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