Stormy Vault's 'Nostalgic Show' kicks off this weekend!

This weekend, the folks over at Stormy Vault will be having their NOSTALGIC SHOW, a virtual designer toy show that will feature creations that reminisce childhood memories. Kicking off on March 19th, from 5PM to 7PM PST via Facebook Live, this will be another night of online selling, auctions, and giveaways for collectors... and like their previous show, they have enlisted a seriously deep talent pool!

This is in collaboration with: Alex Artworks, Anthony Ausgang, ANTZ, ATOMIK, Bakumbaa, Bean Largent Art, Chogrin, CHuBs, Deafclown, Digital Horseplay, Schl0, ResinworX CustomLab, Gori, Grimly Toys, Iky, Ramona Gaston, Kaiju Steven, Kenji Chai, Lab Monkeys, IAmJC, Star Art toys, Luis Davila, MrKreme, Obscure, OG TOY ART, Reen Barrera, Richpage, Ricstroh, Rultron, Shorkuma, Space Rabbit, Tanavit, Vomit Thunder, Winson, Zebulon, Zing Zing, Yoyo-Zintears, and Kamaboko... and above are some the designer toys that you will see on the show - some seriously cool customs! Don't miss out... Stormy Vault's Facebook Live on March 19th, from 5PM to 7PM PST

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