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Buff Monster's 'Stay Melty: Updated and Expanded' book release signing and event!

After many many months working and waiting, the 'Updated and Expanded' version of Buff Monster's 'Stay Melty' is finally available! To celebrate, he’ll be doing a book signing this Saturday/Sunday Feb 6th-7th from 1pm-6pm... and this will be his first IRL event in over 3 years! The first version of the book was published in 2015 by Gingko Press. The book is packed full with over 600 photos of murals, paintings, toys and everything in between. Now over 6 years later, Buff has fully updated the book... of the existing pages, he consolidated and edited them to make room for 6 more years of paintings, murals and editions.

He also added around 50 pages to the total page count. So it’s an even denser and larger overview of all of his various artistic endeavors, and still includes the awesome essay by the legendary Carolo McCormick. This new version also has more captions than before, and even comes with a small sheet of stickers! So even if you have the original version, this is one you’ll want to have as well! That being said, just like the first version, he's working on a small edition of Deluxe, hand-painted ones in fancy slipcases.

The event is this weekend at 205 Allen St. and in addition to the books, he’ll have small original artworks, stickers, cards posters, surprises, and some free goodies as well. If you are in the NYC area... this is a must! If you can’t make it this weekend, he’ll have signed books (of both versions) available on StayMelty.com at 7am PST on Monday, February 7th!

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