Dumpster Fire "Magical Trash" edition and Lil Trash Fire night lights from 100% Soft!

With each and every release of these fun Dumpster Fire figures from 100% Soft, I think to myself "How can they top this last edition?"... and then they do just that! Check out the Dumpster Fire "Magical Trash" edition! Nothing will comfort your garbage life like a soothing, flickering Dumpster Fire night light! Now in limited edition magical pink and purple with blue flame! This measures 5" x 5.25" x 4" and is touch activated with an internal flickering LED (3 AAA Batteries required). Grab it HERE for just $34 a pop!

Not to be outdone... there is a new flame roaming these mean streets. Introducing Lil Trash Fire, and how adorable is this little flaming barrel! Lil Trash Fire is a rechargeable night light and he's ready to keep your other trash friends company. Measuring 2.6" x 4.7" this comes with a USB charger and also has an internal flickering LED! Snag it up HERE for just $20!

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