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OFF_WERK GI Joe Snake Eyes from Mighty Jaxx!

Snake-Eyes is a master of ninjutsu and a master swordsman, hand to hand combatant, and marksman. Effortlessly using both traditional and modern weaponry during combat, he executes amazing athletic feats and moves with great agility during combat. What does the most skilled fighter of the GI Joe do when the battle is done?

OFF_WERK GI Joe Snake Eyes answers the question of what this mysterious combatant does in his downtime. Whether he is enjoying a cup of joe or tending to his bonsai, Snake Eyes gets comfortable in his robe. Even off work, he doesn’t remove his helmet. OFF_WERK is a Mighty Jaxx original series that explores the lives of some very memorable characters in their free time. Standing 6.5" tall and retailing for just $69 a pop, this vinyl figure will be up for grabs HERE this coming Saturday, December 18th at 6am PST!

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