A Tiger and a Dried Persimmon... Boxtiger from Boxtiger?!?!

Are you looking for something no one else has, a true art toy in every sense of the word...maybe something a little out of the box?!?! Well, Korean artist, Boxtiger has created his namesake the Boxtiger resin art toy! Limited to just 10 pieces and super stylized, this tiger figure is the cross between a Tiger (obviously) and a Dried Persimmon... that has an arrow sticking out of his eye - a little odd, but what in the designer toy scene isn't?!?! This measures 4"x6"x6" and really is striking... a lovely balance between magical and weird, honestly, I can't really put my finger on why this figure is so cool... it just is! If you are interested in picking one up for $340, you can send him a DM over on his Instagram or an email to keulakan@naver.com!

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