Ragnar BLUE GLITER CLEAR soft vinyl to debut at Dcon 2021!!!

Going to Dcon 2021 this weekend... well, Christopher L Hillseth is planning on dropping some serious heat as he plans to release a special hand-painted edition of his Ragnar designer toy (we reviewed this awesome figure HERE), the now BLUE GLITER CLEAR is upon us! Designed and sculpted by artist Christopher Hillseth with header card art by Robo7 and produced by Last Bastion Studios, this 8.5" tall release comes with an additional interchangeable right claw hand... so cool! Limited to 10 pieces total - 4 pieces will be made available via their site HERE... the remaining stock will be taken and sold at Designer Con 2021 for just $200, you best get your mitts on one, it's a fantastic figure and this painted edition is truly stellar!

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