Oasim Karmieh launches his Telos MULTIVERSE line of figures... EPIC!

Abandoned when he was just an Infant, he grew up on the streets and survived doing petty crimes to stay alive. On a freezing night, he died while sleeping on the streets. But Death saw something in him and decided to bring him back to start training as an apprentice. After being banished from the underworld Telos is on a path of redemption to earn his coffin and powers back. New from artist Oasim Karmieh of Karmieh Desiger Toys comes an awesome array of custom micro-run 'Telos' versions in what he is calling THE MULTIVERSE!

Standing over 5" tall, each comes with a detachable strap and machete along with a scythe - not to mention the awesome coffin shaped custom made box with foam insert!!! Crafted out of resin, leather and rubber, each edition has been sculpted, printed, cast and hand painted... and you can pick from the following editions: Blood, Bros, Aurum, Skeletor, Maul, Happibox, and Martian! Snag them up HERE right now for your collection today!

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