*REVIEW* The Stars My Destination 8" Astronaut Dunny • SDCC 2021 Exclusive ORION Edition!

Kidrobot didn't see all your cosplay in sunny San Diego this year... but that doesn't mean the Kidrobot x SDCC 2021 fun got canceled! Kidrobot brought the Comic Con exclusives to you with the Kidrobot x SDCC 2021 Virtual Con and released during this event, and something we just got ahold of... The Stars My Destination 8" Astronaut Dunny • SDCC Exclusive ORION Edition! Kidrobot takes one giant leap for DUNNY transporting us to a new destination with the first Astronaut The Stars My Destination “ORION” 8-inch Dunny. Dunny is prepared to explore the extraordinary in a fabric Kidrobot Dunny Astronaut space suit and shielded helmet. 3... 2... 1... Blastoff! It's an awesome Dunny and in my review, I give you all a good look at the packaging and the figure itself... so go watch and subscribe! These are a limited edition of 500 pieces, $100 each... go snag one up HERE before it floats off into oblivion!

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