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*REVIEW* Han Ning x Aichiaile - Little Forest series "Puppy Tang" vinyl space dogs... cute astronaut dogs!!

It's been a long time since we have seen Han Ning's cute space dog... and now, we are getting a super adorable shrunken down 3" version... yup, cuteness overload... and these were sent out for me to see them in person, so I had to unbox them on video for you - Subscribe to my YouTube if you have not done so yet. Introducing "Puppy Tang"... in Chinese, theTang(唐)of Tang Dynasty and the Tang(糖)of candy are all pronounced “Tang”, and Han hopes this puppy from China could make you feel sweet and joyful. The first release in Aichiaile's "Little Forest" series includes: the warm little house (pink), the vitality of little tree (green), and the sunlight full of little sun (yellow). 3 versions, all very cute... and each is limited to just 300 pieces each! Retailing for $43 a pop, you can snag them up now by send an email directly to aichiaile@sina.com.

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