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Fools Paradise presents: LOWFOOL // PIONEER MK1 & SURVIVOR MK2!

A double dose of Fools Paradise as we see their LOWFOOL character decked out in full astronaut gear, looking ready to start his mission as the "PIONEER MK1" edition... and obviously, he ran into some trouble on his mission as the "SURVIVOR MK2" shows his wear-n-tear. Both editions are massive, and although not the same size (kinda weird) Pioneer stands a whopping 19" tall and Survivor is a massive 24" tall - they are crafted from vinyl and pvc... and both feature an awesome looking figure with a removable helmet along with LED lights inside...unbelievable cool! "PIONEER MK1" is available HERE right now and is in stock for $335 a pop and "SURVIVOR MK2" is available HERE as a pre-order for $448! It really doesn't get any better then this...awesome, as always, Fools Paradise! 

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