Magitarius's "Zephron Space Wizard" sofubi is wickedly awesome and ready to wreck havoc in your collection!

Mike aka Magitarius has just sent word that he has a new figure that he plans on releasing (making available to the public through his website) this Friday, September 17th at 6pm PST. Introducing "Zephron Space Wizard" a wicked looking sofubi/softvinyl fully articulated figure that stands a whopping 14" tall - WHOA!!!!
For the release, Zephron will be sold as a special package - "GID Special Version 1 Set" and this comes with some extra goodies, which includes: 1 signed/numberd Zephron Figure (Glows in the Dark and has a Classic Kaiju Paint Style), 1 Lazer Arm and 1 Crystal Cluster Accessory Attachment, 1 Magical Cyclops Staff, 1 Enamel Pin, 3 Stickers (1 Magitarius and 2 Zephron stickers), 1 Specially Printed Drawstring Cloth Bag to hold everything! This wonderful set will retail for $265 a pop... don;t delay, that is some serious goodness wrapped up in an awesome package!

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