SpongeBoy Trashpants Kickstarter announced from artist Dale Lam... launching June 1st!

Who lives in a garbage dump under the sea? Introducing SpongeBoy Trashpants, the innocent sea sponge that has been affected by all the floating trash in the ocean. Over time, SpongeBoy’s anatomy has been fully replaced by plastic waste and sea junk! Unaware of the danger he’s facing, our carefree SpongeBoy continues to contribute to the pollution... Items forming his anatomy includes: Plastic bag, bottles caps, soap bottles, utensil, straws, fishing nets! This new art toy from artist Dale Lam is slated to drop on Kickstarter HERE on June 1st... now, you can head on over to sign up for alerts when the campaign goes live as this is something you don't want to miss. Love the call to action about awareness to ocean pollution... and what a clever figure!

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