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"I AM WOOD" a new resin art figure from Juce Gace that is sure to RAISE some eyebrows...

Artist Juce Gace is beyond happy to reveal a piece he's been working on for more than year... After Hole-Home (Original edition and Christmas edition), here is a brand new original piece that he has self produced... introducing, "I AM WOOD"! "Once upon a time, a small piece of wood grew quietly in the forest. But he felt so tiny next to the other strong and tall trees! Filled with loneliness and sadness, the shrub fell asleep with a single question in mind: "If I am not a tree like the others, who am I?" He wanted to be stronger, harder... And surprise! The next day when he woke up, his wish came true! "I AM WOOD! I AM WOOD!"... what a gripping story, lol!

Limimted to an edition of just 175 pieces and standing over 8" tall, this resin art figure comes safely packaged in a printed box with foam as well as an original certificate of authenticity! Created, designed and self produced by the artist Juce Gace, this figure will be available for pre-order HERE on the 2nd of May at 7am PST for €155($187) each... do note, the art toy is in production now and the approximate shipping date is July. Production time depends on factory, please note there can be a delay!

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