'Turtleneck' a customizable vinyl toy from Trashbury... on Kickstarter NOW!

Say Hello to Turtleneck! Standing at 5” tall with bad posture, This lil guy is made to be anything it wants and his KICKSTARTER Campaign has officially launched! Fitting somewhere between designer art figure and 90’s Gross Out toy, Turtleneck finds its vibe as a 3D Art Platform for any creative weirdo to scribble on and come out of their shell. Knocking around in Turtleneck’s protective comforting shell are loads of costume changes, superpowers, battle gear and a fresh imagination!

With a carefully planned campaign, Turtleneck is poised to an easy finish line while fully prepared to take it above and beyond. The more the people want, the more Turtleneck will provide! So who’s behind Turtleneck? Trashbury and his newly formed Space Junk Toys production co. of course! Trashbury enlisted the help of the super talented Ghost Fox Toys to interpret and sculpt Turtleneck and they knocked it out of the park! With plenty of toy art pals, Space Junk Toys can’t wait to share some potential designs that are already crawling all over Turtlenecks future vinyl frame. Hop on over and throw some coin at Turtleneck and help him become a real boy. And if times are tight as we know they are right now, please share, follow and double tap some of @trashbury and @spacejunktoys posts on IG to show your support.

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