*REVIEW* Who's the dirtiest of them all?!?! Tenacious Toys exclusive Dirty Snow 'Ice Queen' edition!!!

"Many years have passed since Snow met the dwarves in the forest, 7 years to be exact. Since her fall out with the prince, she’s still watching over the dwarves and magical creatures in the forest. As you can imagine, living with 7 men in a small cottage leaves this twenty something year old dreaming of privacy. Snow needed a break, a chance to see the world. She travelled to Arendelle, a city with tons of beautiful snow and wonderful statues made of ice. There she met a queen that bestowed upon her a chilling power that changed Snow forever." I was super fortunate enough to have Benny from Tenacious Toys contact me about checking out his exclusive Dirty Snow 'Ice Queen' edition vinyl figure - designed by Prime and produced by Strangecat Toys... and that's exactly what I did, and on video! I unboxed this beauty and tried to give you all a good look at this great new colorway, a Tenacious Toys BLUE exclusive colorway, in all her frozen splendor. Dirty Snow 'Ice Queen' edition stands 10" tall is limited to 100 pieces, retails for $125 each including FREE US shipping, and will be up for grabs HERE on Friday, March 5 at 9am PST!

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