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Petite Peach Man blind box series announced from Anonymous Rat! #AnonymousRat #PeachMan #BlindBox

ANONYMOUS RAT is happy to announce the release of their latest vinyl toy, the Petite Peach Man Blind Box! Petite Peach Man is now available for preorder at Anonymout-Rat.com, for $15 each, and will ship on or before Friday, March 26! Enjoy Free Worldwide shipping on any full set of six figures (with a no-duplicates guarantee), and Free US Shipping on all orders! PETITE PEACH MAN is a 2″ Blind Box Vinyl Toy, sculpted & designed by Chicago-based No. 1 Ratty, and independently produced by Anonymous Rat! Every Petite Peach Man comes in his very-own box, ready for you to unwrap and discover which juicy little Peach Man is inside waiting to join your collection! Colorways include Original Peach, Rainbow Love, Glow-in-the-Dark Nuclear Green & Toxic Pink Peach, and Grape Soda Purple Sparkle plus Golden Sparkle Peach! Also, look out for custom one-offs, hand-painted by No. 1 Ratty!
All Peach Men start out as Petite, before they have experienced the harsh realities of the world (and grown arms). These are some of the purest, juiciest, and downright tastiest Peach Men known to humankind! That’s why Duck Man has enlisted his fleet of BeeDucks to catch, detain, and process Petite Peach Men! They’ve boxed them up for you, and the only way to find out which flavor you’re going to get today is to open it up! DUCK MAN IS OUR #1 FAN… THE TASTY WORLD OF PEACH MAN! Snag them up HERE on March 26th for just $15 a blind box!

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