ONYX THE MOVIE - Vinyl Toy by Chogrin up on Kickstarter right now!

We are fans of viral videos, and if you are as well... then you are probably familar with "Onyx the Fortuitous" - that being said, Chogrin teamed up with Andrew Bowser (Onyx) to release a special design/figure based off the Onyx character. This is all for the promotion of the upcoming movie 'Onyx The Fortuitous and The Talisman of Souls' - recently launched as part of their Kickstarter to help fund the film, this figure will be made into a limited edition vinyl figure - if the Kickstarter is fully funded, that is! Standing 7.5" tall and looking super wicked, this figure is at the $1,000 tier, if you feel like helping this project become a reality. Head on over HERE right now to check it out!


Geo said...

Uhhhh this rips! Thanks for supporting onyxthefortuitous.com

Geo said...

Uhh this rips! Thanks for supporting onyxthemovie.com