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“Mom, can astronauts be black?”... "Aku" fine art resin multiple by artist Micah Johnson!

Following the record breaking NFT release which saw the the first Aku 16” sculpture sell for $300,000... Art Angels are excited to announce the launch of the gallery release... "Aku asked, “Mom, can astronauts be black?” Aku’s mom had prepared for this question, she knew it was inevitable. She climbed to the top of her closet and dusted off the astronaut helmet she had kept up there since the day he was born. This isn’t just any old helmet, this helmet holds the powers that will propel Aku across the universe and teach him there are no limits to his dream." Created by artist Micah Johnson, this had cast and had painted resin sculpture stands 12" tall and each one is signed and numbered by the artist on a certificate of authenticity! An awesome stylized sculptural resin piece that is sure to be a talking point in any collection... snag one up HERE right now!

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