Mighty Jaxx presents: Mermaid's Ruin by ABCNT!

Mermaid’s Ruin reimagines the story of a mermaid we all know by heart. Expecting a blissful world of beautiful birds and sunshine, the little mermaid's dreams are crushed when she sees that the land of humans is simply not what she had pictured it to be… all that surrounds her is trash and dismal. Sitting in a broken boat, the mermaid wraps herself in the remains of its sailcloth and a telephone cord, saddened by the state of the land which she imagined to be paradise. Created by ABCNT and produced by the folks over at Mighty Jaxx, this new 9.3" tall polystone art figure will be released HERE this coming Saturday, Match 27th at 6am PST for $299 a pop... and will be up for just 24hours - once the deadline hits, no more... and that's how many are produced! Note: Part of our profits from Mermaid’s Ruin by ABCNT will be donated to Oceana, a nonprofit ocean conservation organization focused on preserving and restoring the world's oceans.

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