Chris B. Murray x Clutter - The Goonbox vinyl figure 'OG' colorway NTWRK exclusive debut!

Wow... talk about rad to see! Last time we posted about this figure it was part of a Kickstarter campaign back in 2019 (posted HERE) so it's really cool to see actual production of this! The Goonbox is the first vinyl toy by Philly artist Chris B. Murray. Known for his illustrations and prints, his work is world-renowned. This grimy little music fiend measures 7" tall and is limited to 100 pieces, with 50 pieces available on NTWRK. The Goonbox comes nestled safely in a custom-designed RAP KINGS box.
Included with each toy is a sticker sheet with some of GOONY'S favorite rappers & rap groups allowing you to peel and stick onto the boombox, just like you did back in the day! Each Goonbox is $150 and is ready to ship. These will be available through Clutter Magazine this coming Wednesday, March 23rd, at 6pm PST via the NTWRK app!

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