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*Review* Aleister Growley the demon dog by David aka The Devils Kaiju aka DskiOne!

Aleister Growley the demon dog by The Devils Kaiju (@thedevilskaiju) aka David aka DskiOne aka... so many aka's! Aleister is a two-part original figure sculpted by David which articulates in the neck sell for around $50 Approx. Standing 4.5" (11cm) tall (Aleister was sold in 2018 in just two micro run versions in resin, so hold on to those if you were lucky enough to score one!)... and David was kind enough to send this out as a thank you - AWESOME - so I did a video review to show how badass this really is! Produced by Lulubell Toys, Aleister is the first in a cast of characters that will explore the various archetypes of evil. Aleister is a demon dog who narrowly escaped the gates of hell to walk back amongst the living. Is he man's best friend or will he bite the hand that feeds? Adopt one today if you dare, but be sure to have plenty of puppy treats on hand. Or maybe a shock collar?!

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