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PINK Space Monkey from Dalek.. revealed - exclusive to UNheardof!!!

The cat is out of the bag... or should we say the Monkey as the folks over at Hybebeast shared the very last Space Monkey colorway created by Dalek and produced by UVD Toys. This PINK edition will be exclusive to the Cincinnati-based UNheardof... and this one is very special, as up until this point, it's the only one that comes with the Baseball Bat accessory! Standing 7" tall, this edition will include five weapons: knife, clever, mallet, axe and a the baseball bat as an homage to Cincinnati’s baseball history. Along with the figure, there will also be an exclusive 18"x24" silkscreen print! Both the figure and the print will be limited to just 50 pieces. While we don't have prices just yet, we do know that these are slated to drop on October 24th... so get ready!

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