Wesker Zhan × Han Ning - Little Dargon Ship custom Space Dog and Print release!

Han Ning of AICHIAILE just sent over info about his latest release... the 4th of Season 3 of his sustom Space Dog "Little Dargon Ship" created by artist Wesker Zhan! Wesker Zhan,a Chinese designer, the author of Heavenly Palace and Little Immortals series, lover of supernatural legend has been posted on our site before, and his custom "Little Dragon Ship" Space Dogs originated from the dragon boat in his Little Immortals ‘picture book. In the story, a lonely sailor drives his dragon boat in the Milky Way to search for the heavenly palace in the legend. Although he is a mortal, he has an extraordinary heart, no matter the difficulties and obstacles, he must realize his desire. The point of the story itself is to encourage people to pursue their dreams, break through themselves and finally reach their goals through continuous efforts.

In the creation, Wesker Zhan based on the rounded shape of space dog itself and added rough brushwork, which made the work more textured, hoping to bring you the feeling of crayon graffiti of childhood and some naive and beautiful forgotten. In addition, Wesker Zhan created the same painting work for custom space dog, s limited edition of 68 small prints for $14 a pop - grab there HERE! The Space Dog, however, is limited to just 1 pieces and priced at $255. To order, send an email to hanning0564@sina.com - with info on how to purchase!

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