TADO’s “Toxic Nights” SuperJanky fromSuperplastic... released!!!

Tado, Superplastic, Janky, Glow-in-the-Dark (GID), SpankyStokes, Vinyl Toys, TADO’s “Toxic Nights” SuperJanky fromSuperplastic... released
Legendary UK art duo, TADO, is back with 8-inches of glow-in-the-dark punk rock rebellion. Produced by Superplastic, "Toxic Nights" SuperJanky is a bosozoku motorcycle warrior who will paint the world with colorful expressions of revolution...or blood. Accessorized with a skull smashing bat, KO wielding knuckle duster, COVID-free face mask, and a helmet made for melee. Limited to just 777 pieces and retailing for $85 a pop... snag this up HERE right now before it disappears into the night for good!