Get your STROLL on... DIY blank RESIN Stroll release announcement!!!

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A VERY long time coming... our DIY Stroll is finally seeing the light of day... and we are truly excited for this release. When posted to our social media about a month ago, testing the waters to see if any companies out there wanted to pick this up, we almost immediately were contacted by Crater13 aka RenOne - and he went to work. With the help of TaskOne, these RESIN Strolls will be up for grabs HERE at 11:59pm PST tonight, Tuesday July 7th for $30+s/h - and this release will be limited to just 20 pieces. Cast out of solid resin and standing 5" tall with 3 points of articulation... you can either keep them as is (recommended) or customize them, it's up to you, but we have a feeling that these will be highly collectible. Good luck to all who try for one... and a big thanks to RenOne and Task for making this happen!