BLUE GLOW MARA sofubi pre-order announced from DHP!

Devils Head Productions, SpankyStokes, Sofubi, Pre-Order, Limited Edition, Artist, Glow-in-the-Dark (GID), BLUE GLOW MARA sofubi pre-order announced from DHP
Summer is officially here and it's time for some hot toys... and Devils Head Productions is getting into the groove with the release of their BLUE GLOW MARA! Electric blue vinyl has been infused with glitter and it has been adorned in orange, navy, grey/blue, silver, metallic blue, metallic green and white paints. A killer color combo for it's debut showing... and for the first time, there will be a preorder option for the first official painted Mara release in the webshop. These toys are a beast to prep with them being 11 pieces total so DHP thought a preorder would be a fun way to take orders as they trim some vinyl flash and get them ready for a bath before paint. The preorder will be up HERE for ONE WEEK ONLY (July 3rd - July 10th unless they sell out) and expect them to ship by early August. For those of you who love unpainted vinyl... there may be a small amount of the "naked version" available in the shop as well!