New Nero and Elephantos figures from turboPISTOLA!

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This week turboPISTOLA drops some fresh new Nero and Elephantos figures for your collecting enjoyment! Check the details below and get ready to cold SWOOP on these pieces as they seem to go pretty fast. • Nero, the Behemoth: OG edition - The first Nero figure fully painted by the artist, this custom piece features Nero in his "original" colorway. Sealed with a durable satin finish. Standing at 6.5” tall, this behemoth of villainy weighs in at a whopping 1.7 pounds of solid rubber!! Design, paint and production by turboPISTOLA, digital sculpt by gangofmonster and mold making by labmonkeynumber9 $160 • Nero, the Behemoth: Blue Dream edition - Solid dreamy blue rubber Nero figure $75 • Elephantos: Orange UV reactive - 2" resin figure in a gorgeous UV reactive, semi-transparent bright orange color. Each figure includes a sticker and comes packaged in a collector friendly resealable bag with header card! Sculpt by turboPISTOLA. Casting by Jonathan DuBose AKA duboseart. See all this and more at the turboPISTOLA shop right HERE today!!