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Superplastic x DTS - HENCH “Undead Recovery Agent" edition released!

SpankyStokes, Pete Fowler, Superplastic, Vinyl Toys, Exclusive, Limited Edition, Superplastic x DTS - HENCH “Undead Recovery Agent" edition released
Superplastic and Down to Shop are partnering for the release of an exclusive new edition of their popular HENCH figure - the “Undead Recovery Agent" edition, created by London-based artist Pete Fowler. "After a batch of adulterated Adderall circulated in Hollywood this year, many of America’s most beloved celebrities began exhibiting frightening symptoms including poor coordination, slurred speech, and cannibalism. PR agents, private doctors, and astrologers were called in to hush it up, but the word started to leak out: something was seriously wrong in Tinseltown. Celebrities were turning into flesh-eating zombies. The outbreak prompted the top-secret government agency that controls Area 51 to create a treatment center known as Passages 51. When new reports arrive, there is only one beast trusted to answer the call: Hench, official Undead Recovery Agent for US Strategic Command." New from Superplastic... limited to an edition of only 300 pieces and available HERE right now ONLY via the Down to Shop app... download it HERE right now to buy this rad figure!