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Kidrobot presents: Ai Weiwei - "Dropping A Dunny" (interactive designer art toy)!!!

fine art, Designer Toy (Art Toy), SpankyStokes, KidRobot, Dunny, Limited Edition, April Fools, Kidrobot presents: Ai Weiwei - "Dropping A Dunny" (interactive designer art toy)
"It’s powerful only because someone thinks it’s powerful and invests value in the object. —Ai Weiwei" It's very rare we see art imitate art... but in this case, once again, Kidrobot is extremely excited to announce the Ai Weiwei "Dropping A Dunny" art figure! One of Ai’s most iconic pieces titled "Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn" (1995), shows Ai drop a 2,000 year old urn, as it smashes on the floor in front of him... now, Kidrobot takes this theme to designer vinyl collectors with their Dunny - that is made from ancient terracotta - comes assembled and in tact and asks you, the collector, to take that next step... drop it! Limited to 25 pieces worldwide and retailing for a whopping $10,000 each, who will be brave enough to not only buy this work of art, but smash it as well!

Please Note: Happy April Fool's Day! The above post is a joke and in no way reflects — to the best of our knowledge — anything that is actually occurring.