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Plorpasar... all bow down!!!

SpankyStokes, Zectron, Unbox, Grody Shogun (Luke Rook), Sofubi, Limited Edition, Artist, Plorpasar... all bow down
Plorpasar, from Zectron, is coming! Inspired by the creature Radu Molasar from the infamous cult classic film The Keep. Plorp has been mashed up with a classic Grody Shogun sofubi body and painted beautifully with vcolor by Third Dye Open. Vinyl Plorp production by Unbox Industries and vinyl Grody Shogun body by Lulubell Toys. Only three will be available and each one comes with a bonus glow in the dark Re-Ment skeleton victim! Priced at $75 dollars each they drop in the Little Rubber Guys online shop HERE starting TODAY - Friday, March 8th at 1pm PST.