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LORD QUAS resin art collectible pre-order from Goodhero!!!

LORD QUAS resin art collectible pre-order from Goodhero
Available now for pre-order from 11/05/18 - 11/10/18 closing pre-orders at Sunday at 5pm CST. Standing close to 5.5" tall, Goodhero decided to create his own Quasimoto aka LORD QUAS... this is a side project of hip hop producer Madlib, and is composed of Madlib and his animated alter ego Lord Quas, known for his high pitched, comedic voice, which sounds as if he has inhaled helium... super iconic in the hip hop scene, and this new resin figure is great! They are only limited to a small amount of pieces at only $70 a pop and will be shipped at the end of December. All uniquely different in their own way so no two are alike. Snag one up HERE right now!