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Boo Series 1 Wave 2 by Angry Hedgehog... release info!!!

Boo Series 1 Wave 2 by Angry Hedgehog... release info
Boos are little spirits who don't like to be disturbed by humans. They make themselves little masks so they can try and frighten away any human who sees them! From Angry Hedgehog,  Series 1 includes the Ancient (orange), Deathly (black) and Corrupted (green) Boos. They are made in clear resin, stand around 4" tall, and their masks are removable. The Angry Hedgehog website will also have a bunch of blanks available if you want to have a go customizing your own Boo, as well as the last few remaining Snow and Emulator Boos from the Toy Art UK show.

Boo Series 1 Wave 2 by Angry Hedgehog... release info
The original release of these was at Toycon UK back in 2017 where they sold out, this is the first time the original 3 versions will be available online! There will be 6 of each available, each costing £60. The sale will go live HERE at 15:00 GMT / 11:00 EDT / 08:00 PDT / 23:00 SGT on Sunday, the 4th November. As well as the Boo Series 1 Wave 2 release, there will be special clear sets available too! These are a little thank you to everyone for supporting Boo - each set includes a clear Boo and ALL 3 Series 1 masks, in a lovely gold. There will be 5 of these sets available, each costing £80.