Klav's Custom Mechaverita for Clutter's ConstrucTOYvism!

Kevin "Klav" Derken is undoubtedly a master at recognizing outstanding sculptural mechs, I mean this is the man behind the Creeping Death Robot Club after all! So when he received his robotic "Calaverita" head and full "Mechaverita" form from last year's Kickstarter campaign, you know it means something that he "was floored by the production quality" of these Beast Brothers designed resin works, immediately moving "them to the front of the queue" of shapes he wanted to hand-alter. While Klav's rendition of the "Calaverita" skull was almost instantly acquired by a collector, before the piece was even completed, the artist was able to hold onto the "Mechaverita" and opted to modify and hand-paint it for the Clutter Gallery's upcoming "ConstrucTOYvism" exhibition. With this themed display requiring artists to use a limited color palette of black, white, and red, Klav did so using his classic Japanese sci-fi model painting techniques, building up layers of lacquers before finishing it off with a washed and weathered look through oil paints. Having carved the eyes and mouth out of the head, Klav further altered the interior of the skull to accommodate mechanical "guts", evolving an already strong form into something truly superb and memorable. Set to be on display at the "ConstrucTOYvism" exhibition's opening this weekend (starting Saturday, August 11th, 2018 at 6pm local time), those that can't visit Clutter's Beacon, NY location — or those that just want first crack at acquiring this wonderful piece — should sign up for the gallery's preview list, which is sent to collectors at noon on the opening day.

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