Clutter presents: "ConstrucTOYvism" a group show & "Deadweight" a COLUS solo show!!!

Kid Katana Vs Emperor Kazo by 2PetalRose - so awesome!!!
Can you say DOUBLE HEADER?!?!? The folks over at Clutter Gallery are stoked to present two amazing openings this weekend: "ConstrucTOYvism" a group show, and "Deadweight" a COLUS solo show - both opening Saturday, August 11th!!! First up, an amazing custom group show using a limited color pallet! Inspired by Russian Constructivism, the color pallet for the show is limited to Black, White, and Red. Participating artists include: 2Petalrose (pic above), Andrea Kang, Art of Jeaa, Cat Atomic, Czee, Dolly Oblong, Double Parlour, El Hooligan, Eric Alverez, FER MG, Fluke, HX Studio, Jenn & Tony Bot, Johnny Draco, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Klav, Kyle Kirwan, Mr.Mitote, Nugglife, Tokyo Jesus, Wetworks & More! This is going to be awesome, and we recently featured Klav's custom Mechaverita HERE... and there will be so much more, including many artists on hand, which leads up to our next part!

Just a few of the amazing pieces Colus has up for grabs!
The Clutter Gallery is extremely excited to present Deadweight; a solo show, by incredible artist Colus, who will be in attendance! Colus explores themes of morality through to mortality with symbolic, bold, contrast-rich works. Using underground tones and often leaving questions unanswered, his use of a grayscale color palette (with pops of color) makes his work iconic and daring... and for this show he will have a TON of new sculpts on display and up for grabs for the first time ever, and wow are they amazing! The opening reception for both shows, will be free to the public and take place on Aug 11th, from 6-9pm, at Clutter Gallery in Beacon, NY. Sales will be first offered to our Preview list subscribers. An email will be sent out on Saturday the 9th, at 12 (noon) est, with a link to preview and purchase. To sign up to the list please follow this link HERE!

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