TEASER: Shiddy Rich's MORTSLO head sculpt!!!

Richard Olstrom aka Shiddy_Rich  of Kudzu Toysis currently working on a fun new figure/head and sent over some preliminary photos for us to share with the world. MORTSLO is in the works... and the head sculpt that you see in this post was sculpted by hand and currently in Japan at Grody's Sofubi Factory and is in the wax stage at the moment and there should be some sofubi pulls by the end of the month. Like mentioned above, the name of the head sculpt is “Mortslo”, which is Rich's last name backwards... it sounds cool, so it's the perfect fit! Rich mentions to us that he has been a collector of Sofubi for the past 7-8 years and that he started off collecting western vinyl but found Sofubi to be so unique that it caught all his attention. Rich also tells us that he has always been good at sculpting since he learned how in college... so he is excited to put it to use to create this soon to be sofubi head! Anyone that is interested in obtaining a sofubi pull when they are available can contact him via Instagram at @Shiddy_Rich or email me at richardolstrom@gmail.com - more soon!

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