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The Mad Monk wants you to win his forthcoming "Mad Puppet" piece!

From the more recent appearances of Billy the Puppet in the Saw films to the bevy of antagonists (later redefined as protagonists) in the Puppet Master franchise to the final segment of 1945's Dead of Night horror anthology, the idea of man's own carven image being frightening has haunted us. And now the artist known as the Mad Monk has tackled this concept, making his creepy rendition of a ventriloquist's dummy that's titled the "Mad Puppet" (or "MadPuppet"). With the above-pictured piece currently being in production with an expected first release this summer, the artist has decided to give away four unpainted white test pull vinyl copies of the creation! To enter, all you need to do is Follow @Madmonk1869 on Instagram and Repost this Picture with its original text. But, for those that want a greater chance of winning, you can post your own illustration or painting of the "Mad Puppet" to your Instagram account, making sure you tag @Madmonk1869 in the posting, winners possibly even having their art — with approval — used as header card images on release versions of the figure! With the winners being selected solely by the Mad Monk, entries must be posted by Friday, June 22nd, 2018. Oh, and as a final note, the artist does hint that his creation actually has three eyes, though he won't say where the third one is hidden…

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