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Nomiwa's "Sad Mermaid Ohayo" Available Now in Two Versions!

While the idea of mermaids have always held a certain allure, their siren song supposedly leading men to their deaths, the artist Nomiwa has taken this concept to another level with his "Sad Mermaid Ohayo" creation, the form being an inflatable doll rendition of the half-woman, half-fish creature. With his original drawing of her declaring this "Mermaid Girl" as representing "Memories of [an] infaltable doll", this adorable and disturbing piece debuts in two renditions, the "mint blank" (pictured above) and the "punk version" (pictured below right). A quite large soft vinyl piece, based on the initial sculpt by the artist (pictured below left), each version offered is limited to only 50 pieces, which can be secured on a first come, first serve basis by emailing nomiwa2016 [at] gmail [dot] com with your name, mailing address (including country), and telephone number as well as the PayPal payment of either $109 (punk version) or $60 (mint blank) plus $30 shipping for either one.

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