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Reyeno Sr. soft vinyl pre-order announced from KILL666!

Kyle Harper, or as he goes by his artist name Kill666, we will stick with Kyle - hahah, has some very exciting news as he has just heard from the factory where he has his first designer toy being produced and he's going to have his "Reyeno Sr." up for pre-order HERE this coming Friday, May 18th at 6pm PST. "Reyeno Sr." is roughly 6" tall by 5" wide and 5" deep... and the first run will be in that bright neon green vinyl - OOOOOZE!

 "Far from here, in a place where the universe and the nothing meet lives a species of creature formally known as Rhinoculus Bipedalus. These unique creatures are responsible for the expansion of the universe not by some divine motive but in the act of sheer survival. These creatures peer through the edge of beyond and gain nourishment from it. Eating with their one large predominant eye they slowly make their way into the unknown leaving behind the planets, stars and all solid objects which emerge from their massive posterior." a wicked looking creature looking for a permanent place in your collection! Each pre-order (limited to 100 pieces) will come with a pin and hand embellishment (if someone just wants it to be blank then they can request that as well). So mark your calendars for tomorrow... hit up his site HERE for more info!

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