Gary Ham's "Jaspar" Painted Prototypes from Martian Toys!

It hasn't even been half a year since we announced that Gary Ham won "The Next Great Blank Toy Contest", meaning that his ghost-like creation "Jaspar" would be produced in vinyl by contest creator Martian Toys. And at this past weekend's Thailand Toy Expo, the painted prototypes of the first several designs were revealed. Yes, while it was "The Next Great Blank Toy Contest" that didn't mean that the winner's design couldn't be offered decorated as well! With this figure's title coming from the middle name of one of Ham's sons as well as being a play on Casper (as in the friendly ghost), both these names stem from the Persian word Gaspar, which means 'treasurer, or treasure bringer'. And, man, did they bring the treasure! Revealed are two owl-like designs by Ham as well as a three-eyed beast by Yema Yema, what appears to be a Little Red Riding Hood inspired rendition by Mizna Wada, and magical creature from Muxxi. With the promise of "more designs and more artists to come", this stunning new form already has a bright future ahead of it.

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