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Schrodinger Meow resin art multiple from Monkole Toy Studios!!!

Aruntiwa, the producer of Monkole Toy Studios from Thailand, sent word of their first Toy... something they have put a ton of work/time/effort towards and are excited to share with everyone today... The Schrodinger Meow!

"Schrodinger Meow is strange, it truly believes that it has died and somehow managed to get itself locked up in a cell. There, it was dressed up like how a psychopath would be, to prevent it from hurting itself. Some say whoever adopts this cat, he/ she will be lucky and will have a smile as big as its does." This version of Schrodinger Meow is 5" tall and made of resin... and it's available for pre-order worldwide HERE right now for $79.99 + Shipping, with a limited production of only 50 pieces. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for up to date info and releases!

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