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Pete Fowler's "Janky" Design from Superplastic!

Superplastic, the new designer toy company formed by Paul Budnitz with Huck Gee as its head of art and production, has previously revealed their fox-like "JANKY" form and now they're showing off one of the first decorated releases, the above-pictured design coming courtesy of Pete Fowler! Adorned in a pair of pink visor accessories, this tiger-like creature is wearing a mismatched sneakers and a monster's head for a cap as well as a jacket emblazzoned with "INNIT!" — British slang for "isn't it" — on the backside. While many of the details are still unknown, including exact size and number of articulation points, we do understand that this piece will debut with the launch of Superplastic's line on May 18, 2018!

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