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Klav goes CARE BEAR crazy with his latest 3 customs!!!

With his post-apocalyptic take, kit bashed love, mixed media mayhem... Kevin "Klav" Derken is back at it with a trio of customs for the upcoming 'Who Cares Bears Show' at Mothership Gallery (posted HERE) - kicking off this weekend! We always enjoy Klav's take on customs, and for these 3, he applied his distinctive Creeping Death Robot Club look on 3 separate figures, which are follows: Creeping Death Robot Bear: 3" care bear blank - $75 • Gear Bear: Linda Panda Base - $250 • Hari Cari Bear: Tara McPherson Base - $250! Klav mentions that he will be in attendance, so if you are in the Philly area, be sure to swing by the show, check out Klav's work (along with many others) and have a great time!

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