Fools Paradise's "Super Professional (Director's Cut)" Available Now!

It's been almost a year since we announced that Alan Ng, through his Fools Paradise brand, would be releasing a designer toy using characters inspired by the film Léon: The Professional remade in the cartoonish likeness of Super Mario Bros. Titled "Super Professional (Director's Cut)", this beautiful work depicts Natalie Portman's 12-year-old character "Mathilda" from the film but carrying the Nintendo game's Bullet Bill in one hand and ghostly Boo in the other as well as her 'unofficially adopted father', Jean Reno's "Léon" character, a professional hitman who wields a gun with Bullet Bill attached to the end as well as carrying a Little Shop of Horrors-esqe Piranha Plant. A brilliant pop art parody, one that feels very fresh for using two "older" inspirations, this set stands roughly 11⅘-inches (30cm) at its tallest point, all the pieces made of out of vinyl and PVC plastic. Limited to an edition of 498 pieces, these are available to preorder now from the Fools Paradise online shop for $268 (+$30 Global Shipping) and are expected to ship in May or June 2018.

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