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Deadly Delivery's Order Form T-Shirt in an Open Edition!

Two years ago today, on April 30th of 2016, the very first wave of Deadly Delivery mini figures debuted, which you can watch my video review for here. But Retroband and Zectron had previously collaborated on one piece that also used the name: the first offering of the "Belial" piece with painted eyes. And that tiny edition came out around November of 2015. So I'm not quite sure how today is their three year anniversary, unless it celebrates when they first conceived, but that is neither here nor there… the collective, which has since added VileSore to its membership, is releasing an open edition t-shirt this week, one that shows off "the original idea for D&D back in 2015". Yes, the initial idea was for a series of releases done in old school, mail-order fashion! A fun, retro tee that shows off quite a few of the designs that the group has released over the last two years, this'll be available soon in the Deadly Delivery online shop, with announcements about the release first being made on the collective's Instagram account!

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