Coarse x Play House - Ruffle and Toast BLACKOUT edition for TTE!

As part of the continued FRIEND FEASTS SERIES, the folks over at Play House have teamed up once again with Coarse to release a cute/dreary figure set... introducing "Ruffle and Toast" in the BLACKOUT edition! "Ruffle was just a lonely city pigeon. Toast was just a forgotten slice of bread. But when they met each other on the busy streets, Toast thought he had found real love. They went out dancing. They visited museums. Ruffle even wrapped Toast in her wings, and together they flew to highest buildings. Toast thought, I am happy. Ruffle thought, I am hungry. This is story of a love that has gone too far." Always a tale of graceful torment and tribulations... love the stories that accompany these figures!

Set to debut at TTE (Thailand Toy Expo) through the Play House Toys booth... there will be 2 colorways as well as 2 sizes... as depicted int he top photo! The taller figure, entitled "BANGKOK" stands 7" tall and is limited to 250 pieces worldwide and will retail for 3,790THB($120)! This one features a GOLD head on the bird figure with a black body holding a GOLD toast! "When they go out dancing, Ruffle shakes it to the drums. When Ruffle bites on Toast, His tears are made of crumbs."

The next figure, "SIAM" measures 4" tall and is limited to 600 pieces worldwide. This will retail for 700THB($22) and features a black body with a GOLD piece of toast. "When Ruffle first met Toast, She was living in the gutter. She said, “Let’s be best friends!” And then, “You’d taste so good with butter!” - both releasing at the event on May 5th... with an addition of online sales, which should be available HERE. Details on the online release are still minimal, so keep your eyes peeled for updated info!

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