Wonder Goblin × Candie Bolton's "Swamp Bake-Kujira" Lottery!

Inspired by classic kaiju, like Godzilla himself, artist Candie Bolton's "Bake-Kujira" design has attracted a legion of fans since it debuted, the beast depicting a type of phantom creature that comes into existence whenever a whale dies a tragic death at the hands of a human, which may explain why its name roughly translates to "The God Whale". Sculpted by Mac Sorro and produced in soft vinyl by Toy Art Gallery, this pictured "Swamp Bake-Kujira" rendition has been executed by artist Wonder Goblin. An impressively decorated edition of the 11-inch tall soft vinyl figure, the backside and tail section have been flocked with green-colored fibers to accentuate its backwood water habitat! Handmade in a very small edition of only 4 pieces, these extremely limited works are available by lottery only, meaning that those interested are placed in a free-to-enter raffle with the lucky few picked expected to purchase one copy of the work for $400 plus shipping. Those interested can submit their information HERE but only have until 7am Pacific time today (March 12th, 2018) to do so!

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