When a Subaru and a Munny have a love child... "SINISTER" Mega Munny from DOSE!

Sometimes messages to us via social networks get lost, not seen, or totally overlooked... and that's exactly what happened with this particular artist/post as Kimberly, aka “dose” sent us a message eons ago only for use to just recently see it... but, better late then never, right!?!? Check out this beast she created... she tells us that "My boyfriend and I built a Subaru STI last year and started taking to shows all over the east coast. He asked me if I could sculpt and/or build him some kind of sinister mascot to go along to shows with the car. I ordered a mega munny and went to work! Best base toy for a project like this. I used to sculpt in the kidrobot forums many years ago and have always been wanting to do a mega... Two months and twenty something pounds of clay later, sinister was born! :)" - yeah, this turned out really cool!

As you can see, he has the words/initials “STI” branded on his arm and the Subaru emblem on his head along with big horns and a Subaru tire track down the back of his head and body. His tail is also printed to match the interior marble of the custom car they created... and the glass maze eyes match the cars headlights.... so he is literally a toy version of their sinister subie! Oh... and the little red guy was also created by Kim and he sits under the hood! It's really fantastic to see projects like this come to life. For more on Kimberly, follow her on Instagram HERE (a talented painter as well) - and thanks for sharing!

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